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picture of alison edwards rogue linguist

Hello. Here are some things about me

I have a PhD in linguistics from Cambridge. Being a linguist means studying the science of language, sort of thing. It doesn’t mean you have to speak 57 languages.

I am a researcher affiliated with Leiden University and a freelance translator, editor and writer.

I was born and raised in Australia. Sun. That is all.

I moved to Europe at age 21, and have since lived and worked in Germany, England and the Netherlands. I’m now based in Amsterdam, which is the perfect city because it’s big but it’s small.

I have a pair of fictional cats, Bernard and Sally. They’re very opinionated.

skeptical cats meme applied linguistics

Well, they’re from the cat family, anyway

I have a real-life husband, Rutger-Jan. We met at Cambridge when we should have been studying. We even collaborate sometimes.

I try to take a long walk every day. I learnt that from my mum. You should do it too.

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